23 July 2007

12 July 2007

I am famous... well sort of

So it has been over two months since I last posted anything here. I have been working at Lambriar for just over a month and really enjoy it. Today when I came back from lunch I noticed a large truck sitting in our parking lot. To my surprise the side of the truck contained my design for Wholesale Kennel Supply that I created two years ago while I was interning here.

Check it out.

The logo for Wholesale Kennel Supply that I created while interning for Lambriar

28 April 2007

Poor Neglected Blog

So I have been a very bad blogger this past month or so. I have one reason for the absence of posts, CAMPAIGNS. Yes, for the last four months, my life has been occupied by one class and one class only. The other three classes I took this semester were utterly neglected. Thank God that the three other classes were very flexible and allowed such neglect. So for that I wish to thank ADVT 498-Interactive Tech, ADVT 498-German Depth Report and GERM 392-Special Topics:Kafka for their relentless understanding of why I did not pay them more attention.

Vitality rocks the house

Above: The redesigned logo for NOHS developed by Vitality
On 23 April at 9:30 a.m., Vitality pitched our campaign to the three officials of the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety. And overall I think that the client was very excited for what we had come up with! This just surprised the snot out of me because as of about three weeks ago we decided that we needed to start from scratch, as our previous attempt at a campaign was utter shite! (Ok slipping into a British tone, I am back now) Even though we started over, through the grace of a few all-nighters and many cans of Red Bull we trudged along and created a campaign that approached the topic of seatbelt use with a fresh and renewed manner.

Graduation...It's finally happening

In one week I will be walking across the stage at the Devaney Center and receive my BJ (that's Bachelor of Journalism, sickos) in Advertising. I managed to get out in four years, a feat that is hard to do anymore. So I will soon be saying "Tschuss" to the Capitol City and Guten Tag again to Fairbury, Nebraska. I know most of you out their in the blogosphere are thinking, "What? Fairbury, isn't that where the make those hot dogs? Why would you want to move back there?!? Are you sick?" Well they don't make those hot dogs there anymore and yes I had my full faculties about me when I accepted a position with Lambriar Vet Supply. All I have to say is that it is relatively cheap to live in Fairbury, I like where I will be working, and I had the job before I even graduated!!! That is more than most of my fellow graduates can say. So I could finish out my last semester of school without the added anxiety of sending out resumes, lining up interviews, wearing a tie, you know the usual stuff associated with the job hunt. I start work on 21 May. I am really ready to be done with school, but I am worried that a couple months into the job I will be ready to go back to being a student! Oh well, what can you do.

Freelance News

In other news, a freelance project I have been working on for many months finally went to press. I produced a one page, front and back map of Fairbury and Jefferson County for the Jefferson County Tourism Committee. So if you are ever wandering through Fairbury, and I know everyone will, this little baby may help you find your way.